Once more!  Welcome to Kuboid Partnership. We aim to design & build affordable and luxury modern homes that are habitable and comfortable to live in. Our design

philosophy, and process, is based on listening to your needs. Working with you by adding value. And thereby conceptualising an overal vision to develope simple and minimalistic spaces for the modern home, with as much natural light and energy efficiency as possible.

As house builders and architectural designers, serving the Ghana Property Market. We are a company which has built up it's reputation on the ethos of helping people create their dream homes, wherever they may wish. from the simple to the lavish, we can bring you that which your heart desires at an affordable price. Because no job is too big or too small for our team, who will help you every step of the way. Our basic goal is to design and build as many luxury affordable homes for the good people of Ghana (Africa) who are in serious need of housing due to the LARGE shortage of quality properties available.

Our Experience:

Over 13 years in the business of house designs and facilitating the build process. Our team can take on the management from concept to development. We value our experience and recognise that each design project offers new challenges that requires the use of both traditional and modern contruction technologies. And we meet that challenge with enthusiasm, passion, and creativity. Thinking outside the box to ensure simple, beautiful and functional homes are produced. 

Our Insights:

We believe that good architectural design and planning ultimately influence people's state of mind, and their feelings, when they inhabit healthy spaces (Environments).

Therefore, we are passionate about creating homes for Ghana (Africa). Contemporary house designs, that reflect the aspirations and needs of a growing population who desire to have all the amenities that can be made possible.

Our Knowledge:

Our expertise are based on years of understanding the construction industry, and how good housing design can aid in solving the housing, real estate, and urban sustainability within growing cities. 

Our Professionalism:

We take professionalism seriously, and ensure to keep ourselves innovative, competent, and efficient in our design approach, by utilising a range of skills from architecture, urban planning, cost management, and social diversity. These tools aid us in in bring to the Ghana property market a unique set of housing types that will suit a wide range of needs. 

Our Values:

Our business ethos are governed by a set of core values; integrity, teamwork, building trust, dedication, and above all listening to the clients that we design for.

Our Dedication:

We are committed to offering you a highly and specialised design and build architectural service. Whether you purchase one of our template homes, or you ask us to design for you a unique bespoke master piece,  you can rest assured that you will always get our total dedication to see that you are satisfied with your dream home.

Our Research:

Through our extensive and ongoing investigations into the Ghana property market.; The rising cost of land, increase in slum dwellings, shortage of good housing stock, infra structure challenges, and population expansion. We understand the need to address the challenges people are facing in trying to aquire a well serviced quality property. And it is our promise that Kuboid Partnership will work with you to provide these affordable homes for Ghana, and the various regions of  Africa.

Visit our House Types for a choice of 1-Bedroom,  2-Bedroom,  and  3-Bedroom  units. 


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